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Cana-Vac XLS Central Vacuum   Model 511-XLS Model 911-XLS  
Part Number #010014-XLS2 #010017-XLSG2  
Suction 110" 147"  
Airwatts 720 675  
Airflow (CFM) 166 142  
Motor Speed (RPM at .625" Orifice) 30,000 24,000  
Home Size Square Feet 12,000 Sq. Ft 15,000 Sq. Ft  
Quiet Package Yes Yes  
Deceibels (Approximate) 62 DB 59 DB  
No Maintenance Protective Filter HEPA Membrane HEPA Membrane  
Hybrid (Bag or Bagless) Yes Yes  
External Utility Valve Yes Yes  
Right or Left Side Dirt Intake Installation Yes Yes  
Dirt Canister Capacity 7 Gal / 28L 7 Gal / 28L  
Approximate Dimensions 14 1/2" x 36" 14 1/2" x 39"  
Lifetime Limited Warranty 20 Year Electrical 20 Year Electrical  

Cana-Vac "XLS" - Estate:

You love your home and so do we! For those who simply want the best there's Cana-Vac XLS.

Using the biggest most durable motors in the industry, (8.4" diameter tangential bypass motors) with Infinity™ brush technology (virtually doubles life expectancy), XLS central vacuums are perfect for larger homes which typically run more hours when cleaning. 

Designed for high usage, XLS units carry the best warranty and XLS units are also equipped with HEPA membrane filtration for superior motor protection as well as reduces allergens if exhausted indoors such as a basement or utility closet.


XLS Models are Hybrid standard equipped bag or bagless option: Allerex™ disposable bag filters dust allergens down to 99.4% so you don't come in contact with vacuumed contaminants. Bagless option with no-maintenance permanent filtration eliminates the need for replaceable bags. The choice is yours!

All systems come standard equipped with an external utlity valve which can be installed in the most convenient location such as near the garage door for convenient vacuuming of the RV, the car or boat outdoors with ample space.


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   Nothing to Hide? What's Inside?


The motor is the heart of your entire central vacuum system and the better the motor, the longer the life expectancy and reliablity of the system you choose. When comparing central vacuum systems be sure to see the motor.

"XLS" Series central vacuums use the largest motors in the industry, 8.4" Tangential Bypass motors using Infinity™ Brush technology for nearly double the life of typical central vacuum motors. For more information on motors please visit our central vacuum buyer's guide.

Central Vacuum Motor Tangential By-Pass 8.4" Central Vacuum Motor Tangential By-Pass 8.4"  

8.4" Tangential

(Aluminum Exhaust)

8.4" Tangential

(Aluminum Exhaust)



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